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Who Is The Person Inside The Tiger Costume?

10 April 2010
This iwas a photo of  Kim Nam Gil at Incheon Airport before he went to  Indonesia for charity work.  Beside taking pictures with his fans, He also took picture with a Tiger-chan ^^. Don’t know who was the first  request for taking a picture but was  it female or male inside the costume?

Smoking Shoots

10 April 2010
Here some pictures of  Kim Nam Gil posed with cigarret. But actually he is not a smoker. So this was just for his job (^m,^)

Met Him At The Gym

10 April 2010

I don’t know why, but i think these fans’s face were blured cause they didn’t want their face going publiced.

Another Photo Shoot From Elle

10 April 2010
After showing in the second edition of Elle Korea (detail), Now  Elle release another pictures of Kim Nam Gil but this time Elle report about  his new movie  Eve of The  Storm.

Behind The Scene :

source :, thanks to cutedorange for uploading on youtube

Eve of The Storm And Tears of Amazon Got Top10 Box Office

7 April 2010
Two movies that is stared by Kim Nam Gil this year : Eve of The Storm Aka Lovers Vanished and Tears of Amazon got into Korean Box Office Weekend on 6 dan 9 rank for  2-4 April 2010 periode. Eve of The Storm after releasing on April 1st was estimated to take up more than 34000 admins and 260 million won.  While Tears of Amazon after releasing on March 25th Maret was estimated to take up more than 50000 admins and 380 million won.Congratulation Oppa ^^ !!

source : asiae

What Brand Did He Wear at 46th Baeksang Awards?

6 April 2010

Brand : Vivienne Westwood

Name 이보시오/wondering

Kim Nam Gil CF Poster “O HUI for Men”

1 April 2010

Finally ad poster for cosmetic brand  “O Hui for Men” realeased ^^ !!! Eventhough the filming had been done last year.  Can’t wait  for  CF’s video  (^m,^)

Behind The Scene :

source  : soompi, ohui, Kim Nam Gil fan group on facebook,