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Drama Bad Guy Rescheduled to May Release

7 May 2010

The SBS’s drama ‘Prosecutor Princess’ is almost to the end. May 20th will be the last airing day for this drama. SBS had previously scheduled Kim Nam Gil’s new drama ‘Bad Guy’ to be the successor but the decision had changed later and decided Kim Sun Ah’s new drama ‘I am Legend’ to be release ahead in May.

But, the decision has recently changed once more. The officials stated that they have re-organized ‘Bad Guy’ to release in May and postpone ‘I am Legend’ to August release. It is because the production of ‘Bad Guy’ which began filming in February is more ready than ‘I am Legend’ which hasn’t completed the casts yet.

Therefore, if the news won’t be changed anymore, ‘Bad Guy’ which is played by Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In, Kim Jae Wook and Oh Yeon Soo will release in May 26.

Source: my daily via dongdrama

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  1. Naj Malayo permalink
    11 May 2010 00:02

    The showing of TV series “Queen Seondeok” is not yet over in the Philippines, but fans of Kim Nam Gil are already awaiting for his newest series.

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