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Cutie Lee Han In Pink

7 May 2010
Nobody noticed before that these cutie face Lee Han had turned up being sexy like this :
  1. zelleJOZ permalink
    7 May 2010 20:16

    Kim Nam Gil lift me off the ground! you drive me crazy!!! you look good in anything you wear… from simple shirt to classy suits… your gorgeous… take care and im one of your fans!

  2. anne permalink
    10 May 2010 03:33

    love your smile…your really cute!!!
    please visit philippines soon…=)

  3. georgiana permalink
    11 May 2010 15:00

    i dono if you have got what i wrote before…gorgeous

  4. marge permalink
    11 May 2010 16:53

    ure soooo YUMMY,Kim nam gil!!!!! luv u…

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