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Bad Guy Will Be Aired On August

20 April 2010
Bad Guy which is stared by Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga-in, and Kim Jae Wook, is scheduled to ride the wave in August. On Day 20th, an official PM SBS “‘Bad Guy’ is on August 2 will be broadcasted on SBS drama concluded internally,” he said. On Night, 9 p.m. the current drama is being broadcasted ‘Oh! My Lady’ will be followed up by ‘Coffee House’ to ride the wave. So, Bad Guy will be broadcasted starting on August 2nd at 9 p.m, airing every Monday and Tuesday after Coffee House ended.
At first, Bad Guy was planning to air beginning May 26th on SBS, but those plans have changed. It’s disappointing, but SBS decided to air I Am Legend first. But I’m sure that Bad Guy’s TV rating will be high cause people emotion has been up and down for waiting this drama to air.
source : asiae
  1. lenth permalink
    20 April 2010 21:21

    I am a new fan. I just noticed kim, and he is the only actor that managed to get me addicted to his looks, and I can’t seem to get enough, to my own amazement.. I am looking foward to the movie.

  2. anne therese permalink
    21 April 2010 03:38

    boy, you drive me crazy, i’m anne from the phil. why can’t a take my eyes off your photos? i’m still young, i’m just sixteen years old, and you’re already 30 years old, but despite of the 14 years age difference, i already loved you, i’m crazy and obsessed about you.. you make me think of unordinary things, since young i know that loving someone up there, or in short, loving an actor like you makes no sense cause loving me back as i loved you will never happen, but look at me now, i’m so crazy about you, i loved you even more than myself. but thinking about how much i love you makes me cry everyday, because together with this thought sadness comes with the realization that you and i are from different worlds, there’s too many people between us, you’re up there and i’m down here, loving you, waiting for the time that i’ll meet you in person,and to be able to stay right next to you.

  3. eve bm permalink
    24 April 2010 08:51

    Kim Nam Gil Just got the high fever of fans here in the Philippines. Many are really becoming crazy about his looks. His Amazing talent caught the viewers and made him really one of great actors for us. Hope all his movies and TV series could be shown here in the Philippines. We even look forward that he’ll someday notice us or even visit the Philippines. Thanks for his profile

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