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Who Is The Person Inside The Tiger Costume?

10 April 2010
This iwas a photo of  Kim Nam Gil at Incheon Airport before he went to  Indonesia for charity work.  Beside taking pictures with his fans, He also took picture with a Tiger-chan ^^. Don’t know who was the first  request for taking a picture but was  it female or male inside the costume?
  1. 11 April 2010 23:22

    whoever is inside the tiger costume is immaterial to me. In my mind what is kept on mesmerizing me on bidam is how in his hectic schedule can he manage to keep on doing charity in INDONESIA and just recently in maintaining such good diplomatic relations of KOREA to JAPAN, nextmonth i guess he will join the fiesta for free! Not only he had this magnanimous heart for poor victims but so do participating in order to strengthen the amity between two mentioned countries.
    The more it aggravates the admiration I have for him and made me envy to the lucky woman whom he loved so dearly…I’m pertaining to his girlfriend.Well so much for that..Kim nam gil i am humbly asking, requesting you&your manager to consider at least and add to your list Philippines as 1 of ur destination…Have you already heard about BORACAY?

  2. jenn r.b. permalink
    12 April 2010 05:07

    i’m glad he’s not a real smoker…

  3. Hongard permalink
    15 April 2010 13:58

    I really envy the person who is in that costome. Eventhough he/she didnt expose his/herself, she/he is still near his side. OMG!!!

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