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If Bi Dam Became a Vampire

31 March 2010
After seeing these photos, don’t you think in your mind that Kim Nam Gil is suitable for acting as dracula or vampire? Kim Nam Gil’s role as Bi Dam whose good and evil side make him suitable for portraying this night creatures. Setelah melihat foto-foto ini, bukankah terbersit dibenak kita kalau Kim Nam Gil cocok memerankan tokoh Dracula ataupun vampire ? So, as  “The Vampire from Korea”, who will gonna win if he is going to fight with  Edward Cullen ?
Save your point in the polling beside ====>
  1. Leona permalink
    4 April 2010 04:27

    I voted KNG but if bet if you put this poll on Eduard Cullen’s fansite…the results would be changed

  2. jenn permalink
    5 April 2010 15:07

    i think any role would fit kim nam gil and i’m sure he will portray it very well.. i love your smile..really made you more attractive..haha..your so handsome.. you make me shiver..

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