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Kim Nam Gil’s New CF Shinhan Card

30 March 2010
After releasing CF BABA Coffee, now new CF Shinhan Card which is stared by Kim Nam Gil, Kim Ha Neul, and Song Kang Ho release. In this clip, 3 product of Shinhan Card (nano, SMore, dan URS) are promoted . The story goes to Kim Nam Gil who wants to buy an eyeglasses by using Nano Card. He is really happy cause getting eyeglass easyly with nano. So does Kim Ha Neul who can get easier way with Shinhan Card : SMore and also Song Kang Ho with Shinhan Card : URS.  The unique part in this video is they all singing the same song.

And here are some photo poster for this CF :

source : msn news, thanks to mafiatahu for uploading on youtube

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