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Kim Nam Gil Photo Shoot for Elle Magazine

30 March 2010
After showing off with CeCi Magazine, Kim Nam Gil also took fashion shoot for Elle Korea 2nd edition. Theme for photoshoot was “Dark Angel” where good and evil in the line like his role as Bi Dam in drama Queen Seon Deok and his new upcoming drama Bad Guy as  Geon Wook.

Cover Story : Impression when met Kim Nam Gil from
Elle’s Reporter

In his 29 year old, carier of Kim Nam Gil “Bi Dam in drama Queen Seon Deok” is getting more shining.  Luckily, Bi Dam’s character became one of korean people favourite. Movie “Eve Of The Storm” make his role wider for improving his acting. Now for the public whether Kim Nam Gil who raised Bi Dam, or Bi Dam who raised Kim Nam Gil? It is not necessary to think because all the popularity and his long journey  because  his efforts until now. Therefore, I wanted to meet him for a long time.
With long and matted hair, Kim Nam Gil walked to the set. He was wearing a black training clothes. In his new movie  “the eve of the storm” ‘, he looks more contained.  His natural face’s lines was thin and soft. This concept reminds me of  “a little something” on him in the “Bad Guy ‘. In this drama he acted with Han Ga In and Kim Jae Wook. In front of the camera, with a black clothes  Kim Nam Gil actively pose. With his sharp eyes that led directly into the camera,  the mix of bad men and good men captured by the shuttle camera. All movements directed by the photographer for more than introduce a difficult direction. His eyes shone like a hyena and his body was so tall and skinny. Shooting ended after two and a half hours.
During the interview, he answered the usual questions  one by one. His answer sound obvious and clear,  eventhough not long I had seen his view of life. “I could feel the popularity of the public, but the changes are not large enough to change my life.” he said humbly. Although time meeting with  Kim Nam Gil was short but it much gave impression for me.source : elle korea

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