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Kim Nam Gil in SCREEN Magazine

30 March 2010

After photo shooting for   CeCi Magazine and  Elle Magazine, now Kim Nam Gil show up for a magazine that focused in movie and entertainment  “Screen Magazine” for April season. Ehm… look like the issue about Kim Nam Gil will be going to army this year make a lot of magazine  running after him for phtoshoot ^^.

Photo together with the crew of  Screen Magazine :

source : baidu

  1. 31 March 2010 10:20

    wow….Always irresistible ang look and beauty!

  2. grace permalink
    2 April 2010 16:50

    He’s so hot, I want to have a copy.

  3. Leona permalink
    4 April 2010 04:32

    lots of magazines are running after him BECAUSE of his recent stardoom…. and even before QSD he was in quite a few magazines..the army thing its not the end of the world

  4. jenn permalink
    5 April 2010 15:13

    you really make me shiver..great smile, expressive eyes, nice nose, pefect!

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