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Kim Nam Gil Fashion Shoot for CeCi Magazine and Interview

30 March 2010
Here some photo shoot Kim Nam Gil who wore brand cloth AdHoc for CECI magazine (a fashion magazine that focused around young woman) for March season ^^

Actor Kim Nam Gil was interviewed by Ceci magazine regarding his recent charity works. Excerpts from the interview are translated in below:

Kim Nam Gil: “The reason why I did volunteer works outside of Korea and the narration of documentary Polar Bear’s Tears is that I thought I had to do those work when I could…. I know that there are many poor people living in Korea and asked myself why I need to look outside of Korea. However, my perceptions changed when I visited Indonesia and experienced people who weren’t able to eat and sleep in a shelter.” (Oppa ^^ you are really a nice guy)

“I didn’t have the mind set of ’I would get famous if I continue to act’ from my debut. I gradually started to think that way as time went by.”

There was also a section in the interview revealing the fact that Kim Nam Gil’s previous name was Lee Han. He had changed his name when he was filming for the movie Kang Chul Joong.

Regarding his point of view on a relationship, Kim Nam Gil commented, “I feel regretful when I realize that I didn’t give enough love. That is because I wasn’t able to throw all of myself. However, I can throw all of myself when I am working. It is strange that if I am in a relationship and when I start working, I concentrate more on working. I think being in a relationship is getting harder as I am gaining more experience in it.”

Except Kim Nam Gil, on section “STAR” for CECI Magazine also includes photos of Seo Ji Hye, Shin Sae Kyung, Seo Hyo Rim dan UEE.  This is the cover :
source : bakuda, allkoreangossip

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