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Kim Nam Gil’s New CF : Holly’s Coffee BABA

24 March 2010
The New Kim Nam Gil’s CF this time is promoting a coffee brand “Holly’s Coffee on BABA”. This CF tell about a young woman who is walking around in the city and handing a glass of coffee,  suddenly an arrow  (the head is a grain coffee) with a high speed cut through the glass and the man who  shoot it was Kim Nam Gil. Kim Nam Gil acted as Prince Baba. Here Kim Nam Gil shooted an arrow with Bi Dam’s style and his hair style look like his photoshoot in USA  on last January (^m,^).  The background music sound unique, but i think its narrator would be better if Kim Nam Gil do it by himself, moreover when he said “Need fresh?”, would be more tempting  if he said it with his sexy voice ^^.
Thanks to : Cutedorange for uploading on Youtube

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