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Mother – Son : “Mi Shil and Bi Dam” Get Nominee at Baeksang Arts Awards !!!

22 March 2010

Drama Queen Seon Deok gets  5 nominations from Baeksang Arts Awards : the Best TV Drama, Best Producer (Park Hong Gyun, Kim Geun Hong), Best Actress (Go Hyun Jung), Best Newcomer Actor (Kim Nam Gil), and Best Screenplay (Kim Hyun Young, Park Sang Yeon).  If all nomination will be won  by Queen Seon Deok’s Team, this will be going to be the most successful drama of the year  ^ ^!!

It is not really  surprising that Kim Nam Gil and Go Hyun Jung would get nomination at Paeksang Award  for Best Newcomer Actor  and Best Actress. Their arting role as Bi Dam  and Lady Mi Shil in drama Queen Seon Deok had been amazed  a lot of  audience. Mi Shil with her ambition, charisma, and her authority and Bi Dam with  good and evil sides.  They were really great in portraying their  role.  Moreover, their chemistry as mother and son, not much with words but can be sent to the audience about their relationship as mother and child.  Big applause for them.  Hope they will win ^^ !!!

  1. Camille permalink
    5 April 2010 14:08

    they both deserves it… i love you kim nam gil

  2. jenn permalink
    5 April 2010 16:26

    yeah, i really do agree..haha..they were really a good actor and actress, they deserved it.. go kim nam gil.. good yah..

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