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Kim Nam Gil’s CF and Two More Issue

22 March 2010

Thanks to his acting as Bi Dam in drama Queen Seon Deok,  Kim Nam Gil got a lot of  new offer  for  drama, movie, and included commercial film (CF). This is his first CF :

This clip includes the making of as well as the finalised version of the CF Anycall / Samsung Haptic Chak model. This CF was released at last October 2009. The story told about Kim Nam Gil who can’t give up handphone  Anycall / Samsung Haptic Chak model like he can’t give up his grasp  on the girl he like. This CF’s story is quite unique, isn’t it?

These photo posters of  Kim Nam Gil with Samsung Anycall Haptic CHAK  in black colour :

When he was doing photoshoot in USA, Kim Nam Gil also took time to participate in the international campaign for Korea in order to “Asia-Pacific Women Violence Prevention Campaign”.

Kim Nam Gil in this campaign  accompanied by several Asian Stars and Hollywood’s star  Sandra Oh (who acted in the serial Gray Anatomy). This campaign’s concept for inviting Korean people took a part in the vote as support for against violence for women with the slogan “Make a difference, save a life, and”.

Two More CF’s Issue?

These photos were ad for  Shinhan Card (he look like Bi Dam without glass !! (^m,^)).  He was shooted together with korean star Kim Ha Neul and Song Kang Ho.

Except from a Bank, Kim Nam Gil is also issued doing CF for a brand of coffe.

I like this one (^o^)

Source : youtube courtesy, msn news, soompi,


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