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Is He Like Doraemon?

21 March 2010

Korean Actor Kim Nam Gil-shi had worn doraemon accessory on his neck. Is he like these anime?

and look at his muscle !! sure has he done an intensive training ^^…

  1. Cris Reyes permalink
    25 March 2010 13:38

    we love you Kim Nam Gil, please come here in the Philippines, good luck to you and more power, oppa…

  2. charity permalink
    26 March 2010 23:31

    yes! we love you.
    don’t forget us from the Philippines.
    we are waiting for you here!

  3. jenn permalink
    5 April 2010 16:47

    so cool, a very masculine person having a doraemon necklace was so cool..haha..he’s such a good looking heart is beating fast..

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