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Kim Nam Gil’s Ideal Woman?

17 March 2010

Kim Nam-Gil held his fan meeting in Seoul Korea on March 7th.  And one of the interesting activities his fans got to see was that he got to pick 1 ideal woman of his choice from these wonderful ladies: diva singer Lee Hyori, actress Sung Yuri, Sandara Park, CL, Go Ah Ra, figure-skating queen/gold olympic athlete Kim Yuna, actress Kim Hye Soo, Go Hyun Jung, Megan Fox, Nam Sang Mi, Park Shi Yeon, Song Hye Kyo, Choi Ji Woo, Han Hye Jin, comedian Shin Bong Seon, actress Lee Young Ae, supermodel Jessica Gomez and Shin Sae Kyung.

And Kim Nam Gil’s pick was ………. (drum rolls)

The Lady Dae jang Geum (Lee Young Ae) ^^

He picked Shin Sae-Kyung and recently married Lee Young-Ae as his two finalists but chose Lee Young-Aeas the final one without hesitation. He told that he really got drunk on the day he had heard the news of Lee Young-Ae’s marriage (Did you like her that much Oppa??^^).

For his reasons of liking Lee Young-Ae, Kim Nam-Gil stated, “She has a pure image. She has beautiful eyes and a modern feeling”. Kim Nam Gil said that Lee Young Ae is like an ‘oxygen’ (whatever that means!), and that her ‘eyes are attractive. Kinda gives you the good and pure feelings. Then there’s that ‘abstract’ feeling he can’t really describe it in words. Then he mentioned about his co-star, Lee Yo Won, but the man said that instead of ‘personal feeling’ towards her, it’s more like a ‘professional admiration’ “. Kim said “I also like Lee Yo-Won from Queen Sun-Duk too. However, instead of having private feelings for her, I think I have a lot to learn from her and her acting.” He closed his comment by saying “Yeah, I don’t know why I like married women, I don’t know why I’m still not married yet.” which caused everyone in the audience to laugh and smile.

source :  allkoreangossip, jazzholic

  1. anonymous permalink
    28 March 2010 18:45

    hi kim nam gil, cn i have a nyt wid u, well just wnt to stare at u d whole nyt.

  2. Bam permalink
    5 April 2010 08:13

    Hi nam gil, it is ok f ur right partner did not come yet. God have plans for you. Sometimes ur feeling left but actually He will give to you more than what you are asking for. Keep sweet as you are. Its me bam from philippines

  3. jenn permalink
    5 April 2010 16:49

    i wish i was lee young-ae..

  4. jenn permalink
    5 April 2010 16:50

    lee young ae is really pretty..

  5. jenn permalink
    5 April 2010 16:51

    no wander kim nam gil like her..

  6. nylrehc permalink
    8 April 2010 14:43

    maybe you like married woman coz of there experiences Hahahaha its a joke dude but you attract me that much

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