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Kim Nam Gil’s Profile

16 March 2010

Name : Kim Nam Gil (김남길)

Debut’s name before 2008 : 이한 / Lee Han

Birth : 13 March 1981

Tall : 184cm

Blood Type : AB

Weight : 70kg

Star Sign : Pisces

Hobby : Playing Flute, Golf

Education  : Myeong Ji Cheon University 명지전문대학, –>Theatre&Visual Media

Debut : 2003 (MBC’s 31st Batch of Acting Talents)


Year Content

2008 Doll Exhibition Ambassador Seoul

2003 MBC Talent 31 period bond


Bad Guy 나쁜남자 (2010) as Gun Wook

Queen Seon Deok 선덕여왕 (2009) as Bi-Dam (비담)

Several Questions That Make Us Happy 우리를 행복하게 하는 몇가지 질문 (2007)

When Spring Comes 꽃피는 봄이오면 (2007) as Kim Joon-Ki (김준기)

Lovers 연인 (2006)

Goodbye Solo 굿바이 솔로 (2006) as Ji-An (Ji-Ahn)

Be Strong, Geum Soon 굳세어라 금순아 (2005) as Geum-Soon’s husband, No Jeong-hwan (노정완)

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon 내 이름은 김삼순 (2005) – Cameo as doctor friend of Hee Jin (Hyun Bin’s ex-gf)

5th Republic (2005)/ 5공화국 (2005) as 박지만 Bak Ji Man

Sweet Buns 단팥빵 (2004)

School 1 학교 1 (1999)

2004 – 2005 MBC 베스트극장 – “강장수의 러브하우스 다수 Best Theater-“Love House od Tonic Wed”


Tears of the Amazon (아마존의 눈물 – 2010) As : Narration (내레이션 목소리)

The Day Before/Eve of The Storm/ 폭풍전야 /Big Storm (2010) As : Soo-in (수인)

Hand Phone (2009) – Cameo as Jang Yun-Ho

Portrait Of A Beauty (2008) as Kang-Moo

Terroir (떼루아 – 2008) As : Jo I-yeong (조이영)

Modern Boy (2008) as Japanese detective, Sinseuke

Kang Chul Jung : Public Enemy 1-1 aka Public Enemy Returns (2008) as Moon-Soo

No Regret (2006)

Don’t Look Back (2006)

Low Life (2004)

2000 –>한여름밤의 Midsummer Night’s Dream

2003 –>박무근 일가 Bakmugeun Family


2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Yo Won, Queen Seon Duk)

2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Excellence Award (Queen Seon Duk)

2009 17th Korean Culture, Entertainment Award in the field of movie: Best New Actor.

2009 Style Icon Awards 2nd Division : New Icon TV

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One Comment
  1. Marlene permalink
    31 March 2010 11:45

    Kim Nam Gil is the ultimate actor-has the talent, the looks, and charisma. The work he did in QSD was marvelous; he attracted the international artists/fans easily for portraying the role of Bidam in the most confusing and remarkable manner. He is my No. 1 in the list of actors as of today and probably in the long time to come.

    I congratulate the producer, director, screen writers and all the actors in QSD-it was worth my time watching it over and over again. I just wished a few things though like more expressing the feelings for each other, more embraces, more touch and slight kisses between Deukman and Bidam. As to when the love between Deukman and Yushin stopped was not clear in the story, it would have been wonderful to see the shift of the Queen’s feelings to Bidam.

    In the final scene, I would have loved to see the Queen touching Bidam for the last time before he expired to give him a happier death and passed out while touching his hand. Also, if I may, in the final, final scene, Bidam must have appeared as a “ghost” in black and white gown, with his long hair, seen only by the Queen, and assuring her that they can go away together in Heaven…that should have brought about a much wonderful ending of the story.

    Finally, I wished Kim Nam Gil will be able to read my comments, and that he be well and taken care of because he is such a rare gem in the movie industry. I like him for what he is…

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