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Cutie Lee Han In Pink

7 May 2010
Nobody noticed before that these cutie face Lee Han had turned up being sexy like this :

Drama Bad Guy Rescheduled to May Release

7 May 2010

The SBS’s drama ‘Prosecutor Princess’ is almost to the end. May 20th will be the last airing day for this drama. SBS had previously scheduled Kim Nam Gil’s new drama ‘Bad Guy’ to be the successor but the decision had changed later and decided Kim Sun Ah’s new drama ‘I am Legend’ to be release ahead in May.

But, the decision has recently changed once more. The officials stated that they have re-organized ‘Bad Guy’ to release in May and postpone ‘I am Legend’ to August release. It is because the production of ‘Bad Guy’ which began filming in February is more ready than ‘I am Legend’ which hasn’t completed the casts yet.

Therefore, if the news won’t be changed anymore, ‘Bad Guy’ which is played by Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In, Kim Jae Wook and Oh Yeon Soo will release in May 26.

Source: my daily via dongdrama

Kim Nam Gil on Video Clip J (제이) – 열흘만 (Just Ten Days)

3 May 2010

Download mp3  here.



아픈 줄만 알았어 내게
전화도 못해 줄 만큼
너무 아파 그런 줄만 알았어
괜히 걱정만 했잖아
나는 너를 못 잊어 정말
너무도 사랑했으니
내 생일도 난 웃지 않고 눈물만
오늘도 너의 모습만
돌아와요 내게로
말할게요 눈물로
가지 마요 날 떠나지 말아요
그것도 안 되면 내게
열흘만 내게 줘요
나 미워도 한 번만
미운 모습 하나만 가질게요
그래야 가슴에 두고
갑자기 눈물이 날 때
니가 보고 싶은 내가 미울 때

이별을 준비한대도
아픈 건 다 똑같나 봐요
기다려도 오지 않을 거 알지만
그래도 난 기다릴게요
돌아와요 내게로
말할게요 눈물로
가지 마요 날 떠나지 말아요
그것도 안 되면 내게
열흘만 내게 줘요
나 미워도 한 번만
미운 모습 하나만 가질게요
그래야 가슴에 두고
갑자기 눈물이 날 때
니가 보고 싶은 내가 미울 때
구름에 가려진 사라진 달처럼
마지 못해 사는 나니까
나 미워도 한 번만
미운 모습 하나만
열흘 안에 하나만 가지고 갈게요
웃어도 눈물이 날 때
니가 보고 싶은 내가 미울 때
돌아올 수 없다면
날 사랑할 수 없다면
사는 동안 날 잊으면 안 돼요
늘 행복한 날만 있다고
나를 너무 쉽게 잊으면 안 돼요
우 우우 예예
돌아와요 내게로

Yeorheul man

apeun jul man arasseo nae ge
jeon hwa do motthae jul man keum
neomu apa geureon julman arasseo
gwaenhi geogjeoman haettjanah
na neun noreul monijeo jeongmal
Neomudo sarang haesseuni
Nae saeng ildo nan eusji anahgo nun mulman

Oneul do neo ui mo seup man
Dolawayo naegero
Marhalgeyo munmullo
Gaji mayo nal ddeona jimalayo
Geugeosdo adoemyeon naege
Yeoreulman naege jwoyo
Nami wodohan beonman

Miun moseub hanaman gajilgeyo
Geuraeyo gaseume dogo
Gabjagi nunmuli nalddae
Niga bogo shipeun naega miuldae

ibyeoreun junbi handaedo
apeun geon da ddoggalna bwayo
gidaryeodo ojiana eulgeo aljiman

geuraedo nan gidaril geyo
dolawayo naegero
marhalgeyo nunmullo

gajimayo naddeonaji malayo
geugeosdo andoemyeon naege
yeoreul man naege jiwoyo
namiwodo han byeonman

miun moseub hanaman gajilgeyo
geuraeyo gaseum e dogo
gabjagi nun muli nalddae
niga bogoshipeun naega miul ddae
goreume garyeojin sarajin dalcheoreom

maji motaehae saneun nanika
namiwodo hanbeonman
miun moseub hanaman
yeoleun ane hanahman gajigo galgeyo
useodo nunmuli nalddae
nigabogoshipeun naega miul ddae

doraol su eobseoda
nal saranghal su eobdamyeon
saneun dongan nal ijeu myeon andoaeyo
neul haengboghan nalman itdago
nareul neomu shwibge ijeumyeon andoaeyo
uhuhuh.. ye ye
dora wayo naegero

Kim Nam Gil at Jang Dong Gun-Ko So Young Wedding

3 May 2010

These videos recorded Kim Nam Gil who attended Jang Dong Gun – Ko So Young Wedding Party at Dinasty Hall, Shilla Hotel.

More photos click here

Thanks to cutedorange for uploading on youtube

If Bi Dam Become Mi Shil

3 May 2010

Bad Guy Will Be Aired On August

20 April 2010
Bad Guy which is stared by Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga-in, and Kim Jae Wook, is scheduled to ride the wave in August. On Day 20th, an official PM SBS “‘Bad Guy’ is on August 2 will be broadcasted on SBS drama concluded internally,” he said. On Night, 9 p.m. the current drama is being broadcasted ‘Oh! My Lady’ will be followed up by ‘Coffee House’ to ride the wave. So, Bad Guy will be broadcasted starting on August 2nd at 9 p.m, airing every Monday and Tuesday after Coffee House ended.
At first, Bad Guy was planning to air beginning May 26th on SBS, but those plans have changed. It’s disappointing, but SBS decided to air I Am Legend first. But I’m sure that Bad Guy’s TV rating will be high cause people emotion has been up and down for waiting this drama to air.
source : asiae

Eve of The Storm (Aka The Day Before/Lovers Vanished/폭풍전야)

13 April 2010

Directed by Jo Chang-ho (조창호)

Screenplay by Jo Chang-ho (조창호)

Genre : •Drama •Melodrama •Romance

Duration : 104min | Release date in South Korea : 2010/04/01

Casts :

1.   Kim Nam Gil as Soo In

2. Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Yeo Mi Ah (Miya)

3.  Jeong Yun Min as Sang Byeong

4.  Yoon Je Moon as  Mr. Jo

5. Oh Hye Seok as Jin Ho

5.   Kim jae Rok as priest

6.  Han Cheol Woo as detective


Su-in (Kim Nam-Gil) was a talented cook who became falsely accused of killing his wife and then received a life sentence in prison. While in prison, Su-in hears that prisoners infected with AIDS can leave prison. Su-in then injects himself with the blood of HIV positive inmate Sang-Byun (Jeong Yun-Min). Sang-Byun does make the request that if by chance Su-in is able to escape from prison to visit the café named Luth. Su-in manages to escape from prison.

Out of prison, Su-in confronts the priest who had an affair with his wife. The priest confesses to the murder, but then takes his own life. Su-in, having now lost all hope to clear his name and nowhere to go, decides to visit the cafe Sang-Byun requested.

When Su-in arrives at the beach side cafe named Luth, he meets the proprietor Mi-ya (Woo Seul Hye Hwang). Mi-ya is a beautiful women, a magician, and also bears heavy mental scars from her past. She will be taking the role of Mia who is not talented in cooking, but is persistent in running the restaurant by the beach. She is not interested in other people’s work, but only her own. She is tough yet loyal. Mi-ya eventually hires Su-in as a cook. The two become closer & soon love blossoms. One day Su-in tells Mi-ya it was Sang-Byun who sent him there and this shocks Mi-ya

Filming took place from March through June of 2009. The movie initially found difficulty in gaining a theatrical release, but with the recent popularity of MBC drama “The Great Queen Seondeok” (which starred actor Kim Nam-Gil), “Eve of The Storm” received an April 2010 release date. Hwang and Kim were preparing very hard for this movie taking cooking classes and martial arts classes for action scenes. Their kiss scenes show the two very serious in their work.

Movie Trailer :

Movie Posters and Screen Captures :

source : hancinema, asianmediawiki, youtube courtesy, naver